Poulenc in 1903 at Nogent sur Marne.
The country house in Nogent, where his family spent time away from Paris.
On his rocking horse, in Nogent.
1906, aged 7.
1906, aged 7.
Nogent sur Marne.
Fontainebleau, 1910.
18 years old, in Nogent.
Photograph, with Poulenc's handwriting, of the recently acquired country house in Noizay (1927).
Noizay, 1928.
Amboise, on the banks of the Loire, in the early 1930s.
Noizay, with his dog Mickey.
Noizay from the Cisse valley.
Noizay, Poulenc seen from the cellars.
Poulenc in the cellars of Noizay.
Darius Milhaud, Vittorio Rieti, Francis Poulenc.
September 1932, in Venice for the premiere of the Concerto for 2 Pianos with
Poulenc and Jacques Février as soloists and the Orchestra of La Scala of Milan.
Lyon, 1936. Pierre Bernac is standing with his back to the bookcase.
Poulenc and Bernac in 1936, at the beginning of their career together.
Brive-la-Gaillarde, september 1940. Andre Lecoeur, Rosine Manceaux (now Seringe), Francis Poulenc, Marthe Bosredon.
Poulenc with his niece Brigitte Manceaux. Le Tremblay, Normandy july 1946.
Noizay, playing on the Pleyel with his dog, Mickey.
Denise Duval in "Les Mamelles de Tirésias".
With Bernac, in 1948, in New York.
In the kitchen at Noizay.
At the piano.
Talking with his gardener, André.
Summer holidays at Le Tremblay, Normandy with his sister Jeanne Manceaux (behind him) and his niece Brigitte Manceaux sitting on the right.
Game of petanque at Le Tremblay, Normandy, july 1952.
1954, Amsterdam, during a European tour with Bernac.
Working in the "Music room" at Noizay.
August 1956, Le Tremblay, Normandy.
Denise Duval, Poulenc's favourite soprano singer.
In Cannes.
In Cannes.
In Cannes.
In Cannes.
Milan, 26 january 1957. Premiere of "Dialogues des Carmélites" with Poulenc's
nieces: Brigitte Manceaux in the middle, Rosine Manceaux-Seringe on the right, in Dior gowns.
Milan, 26 january 1957. Just after the first performance in the Teatro alla Scala.
With soprano Régine Crespin and conductor Georges Pretre, 1957.
In Noizay.
Poulenc is awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Music, Oxford june 1958.
At home, rue de Medicis Paris, with Véra Stravinsky.
With Rose Plaut, wife of Fred Plaut, American photographer.
With Rose Plaut.
Noizay, with Andre and Suzanne Rocheron (the gardener and his wife) Jeanne (the
Francis Poulenc and Denise Duval, during 1960 American Tour.
Francis Poulenc
Francis Poulencfrench musician 1899-1963